With many businesses moving into the cloud, Microsoft’s flagship Office suite is no exception. Microsoft Office 365’s move towards cloud technology has enabled businesses to have an instant data storage and retrieval solution for their files and documents at no additional cost. Moreover, the move to the cloud also enables teleconferencing and document collaboration, which promotes higher productivity among your employees.

Auxiom’s Partnership with Microsoft

MicrosoftAuxiom is a Microsoft authorized partner, providing Office 365 support and consulting services to companies in the Brighton, MI area.  Our Office 365 consultants will guide you on your journey to the cloud, and help you take advantage of all the solution that Office 365 offers.

Our cost-effective support services present a future-proof solution that would lets you unlock the full potential of your Office 365 subscription. Our 24/7 online support team takes care of needed application patches and upgrades, and resolves user issues within minutes.  There’s no need to wait another day to have your requests answered.

Office 365 Dealer

Office 365 is much more than just Word and Excel.  When you buy Office 365 as a subscription from Auxiom, you can get all the options you want, from just the desktop applications to the server tools, such as Exchange, SharePoint Lync and SkyDrive Pro cloud storage, or a combination of both.

About Office 365

O365 Icons 400Office 365 is a set of applications and solutions backed by cloud technology, with servers online in different parts of the world. Packed with plenty of functions, Office 365 has a wide range of capabilities, including these benefits:

  • Work anywhere
  • Collaborate easily
  • Access to the latest versions of programs
  • Mix and match plans
  • Subscription-based payment

Office 365 Security Features

One of the biggest misconceptions about the cloud is that it’s not safe. In reality, it isn’t necessarily any more or less safe than an on-premise system. It’s all in how you implement it and what security measures you put in place. Office 365 has a lot of built-in security features to keep your company’s data safe. Some of our favorites include

  • Encrypted email
  • Data loss prevention
  • Mobile device management
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

These certainly aren’t all the security features available in Office 365 – just a small sample.

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