Ensure Data Security & Business Continuity with Veeam

In today’s data-driven business world, information is the most valuable asset for every company. Since technology has made the world opened and connected, data protection is more important than it’s ever been. However, the infrastructure to protect digital assets has not changed for many years. The challenge for businesses is to find an offsite backup location for virtual infrastructure, which can be time-consuming and costly. That is, until Veeam came along.

Veeam solutions provide an industry-leading data protection suite to help guarantee data integrity on both physical and virtual infrastructure platforms. Veeam Cloud Connect technology offers an easy and cost-effective cloud solution for your offsite backup and archiving needs.

Auxiom is a trusted, local disaster recovery solutions and services company and Veeam data backup provider in the Livonia, MI area.  Contact us today to learn more.

  • Reduce Costs:We simplify licensing complexities and costs linked with replicated backup storage services. We manage any required additional hardware acquisitions, deployments, and system upgrades.
  • Incremental Technology:After a full backup has completed, an incremental backup is scheduled which copies only new or changed data blocks, reducing backup size. Also, advanced redundancy removal technology significantly reduces backup set sizes.
  • High-Speed Backup and Recovery:Incremental backups are super-fast and use minimal system resources. Recovery is swift and bulletproof, as each backup is checked for integrity before marked successful.
  • Safe & Secure:The connection to Veeam Backup Connect is over a secure internet HTTPS connection, so the configuration of firewalls is not usually required.
  • Offsite Backup Copies:We offer a secure offsite repository of Veeam production backups in the event of a disaster, enabling fast access and recovery to onsite or Auxiom hosting locations.
  • Industry-Leading Support:Our skilled engineers are always ready to assist with the design and deployment of Veeam services, managed by a 24/7/365 support team, and protected by industry-leading services levels agreements (SLAs) for reliability, availability, and response times.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Business continuity after any given disaster is every owner’s dream. We fulfill that by utilizing Veeam products with our expertise in technology. Whether you have limited staff or need expert advice about data backups and disaster recovery we will help you understand how effective and reliable Veeam’s solutions. This is to ensure that every cent of your investment will be put back to your business continuity initiative.

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