Superior Outsourced IT Support

Auxiom’s outsourced IT support services is true end-to-end IT support for your business. From keeping your network running smoothly, backing up vital information and protection from cyber attacks to helping move you to the cloud and more, our team of outsourced IT support techs can navigate your IT environment.

Outsourcing your IT needs is beneficial for businesses in order to acquire highly proficient skills, cutting cost, and avoiding the task of hiring and onboarding in-house IT technicians. More and more often companies are transitioning from an in-house IT team to an outsourced IT team. As we work with a variety of businesses, software/hardware applications, network configurations, and vendors we have diverse experience and insights to best help your organization earn an ROI on your technology investment.

We provide outsourced IT services and outsourced IT support for companies in the Monroe, MI area. Auxiom is a professional outsourced IT company with deep experience providing superior outsourced IT support services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions your company may have regarding outsourced IT services.

Outsourced IT is a win for your business

IT outages can slow down your business. The goal of outsourced IT Support Services is to “keep your cash register ringing” and to keep your business up and running. Outages can be caused by many factors: security breaches, equipment failures, software glitches, and many other reasons. You need someone who knows your company, your people, and your business systems- and someone who can promptly resolve any issues.

Rest easy and never worry again with an outsourced IT services parntership. As a part of Auxiom’s outsourced IT support you will have a dedicated help-desk team, a dedicated client relationship manager, a dedicated technology administrator, and hands-on oversight from our CTO. This ensures you will have multiple Auxiom team members who understand your company intimately.

Auxiom’s outsourced IT support includes all of the necessary support and security features to minimize downtime and protect your business data like Anti-virus / Anti-malware software, monitoring of your IT devices, regular updates and patches, updates to critical security assets like firewalls, data backup management and more.

With Auxiom’s unparalleled proactive 150+ point recurring onsite inspection, your IT will be more reliable than ever. And if something ever does go wrong or you have a question, we’re here for you with our industry leading 24×7 support.

Contact our team today to learn more about how our outsourced IT support services can help your business fully utilize IT to support growth, efficiency, and collaboration!

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