Organized & Efficient Network Wiring

Bad structured or data cabling design introduces many problems for your company’s network engineering teams and these issues persist until the cabling is revisited. Dishelved or ‘Spaghetti’ cables can make installations, maintenance and troubleshooting more difficult. Auxiom can provide a variety of ways your company can simplify data center cable management for increased productivity in several ways.

Properly document all cabling routes

Imagine accidentally disconnecting a cable to a vital server and losing access to your network. It seems like identifying the server cable should be easy, and it is – with the proper documentation of cabling installation. Without it, pulling the right cable becomes a process of trial and error. 

Color coding all network wiring

Color coding cabling and wires gives your team ultimate efficiency and organization- nothing gives visitors a quicker impression of IT competence than neatly laid out, color-coded cabling. Pick an attractive color for patch cables and cable runs. A color-coding system makes troubleshooting and following cable runs far easier.

Visually map out your cabling & wiring

Cabling software tools and applications now have the ability to import data recorded in spreadsheets to a visual medium – like CAD files. This integration with CAD files contain  blueprints of data & server closets allow you to troubleshoot and update your cabling with ease. Information that once resided on a spreadsheet can now come alive in premises blueprints, providing a visual representation of the cabling.

Data Cabling & Structured Cabling don’t need to be difficult

Structured cabling starts with sound design and implementation. If the data centers or network wiring is set up poorly, internal cable management is a continuous burden and uphill battle for your IT department to work against. We provide structured cabling installation services, data cabling services, and network wiring services to companies in the Monroe, MI area. Our structured cabling services can help you organize or install a secure & reliable network.

A poorly designed cabling system makes hardware upgrades, desk/hardware relocations, network upgrades, new employee onboards, and troubleshooting incredibly time consuming and lacking strategy. Whether your organization is relocating and needs a cabling design/installation or your business realizes the time has come to redesign your data cabling infrastructure, the experts at Auxiom can help!

By following cable management and design principles, Auxiom creates network wiring solutions that are well organized and take future growth into consideration. Contact us today to discuss your cabling infrastructure needs.

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