Whether you are a startup or a growing business, Azure can help support your goals.   

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been established for some time, Microsoft Azure can help you kickstart or scale your business.

By employing a cloud-based model for your business, you lessen your financial and operational burdens, allowing you to meet your needs and demands much easier.

Auxiom is a trusted provider of Azure support and consulting services in the Port Huron, MI area.  Our Azure consultants have deep expertise with all the features and benefits that Azure can bring to your business.


View metrics of your system, infrastructure, and application from Azure PaaS monitoring to help you effectively pinpoint the root cause of performance issues quickly.

Scaling & Improvements

Using Azure, our experts develop apps that are built to integrate with your current technology that enables swift and easy scaling of your business operations.

Office 365 Support

Auxiom provides expert support on administration, integration, and automation across applications.

Management Solutions

Get comprehensive lifecycle management solutions for your business applications, including support, upgrade and maintenance, testing, and migration services.

Azure’s automation features include service patching and built-in network load analysis. It also has the ability to recover from hardware failure and supports a deployment design that enables you to upgrade your applications with minimal to zero downtime. Microsoft Azure is powered by cloud computing technology and was built from the ground up to support all types of industries and organizations.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Microsoft Azure can help you to create an open, flexible, and scalable cloud platform that allows you to build, deploy, and manage applications quickly.


Microsoft Azure provides secure and robust cloud services that ensure a high level of security to your data.


Azure’s high operating capabilities and human-like intelligence help to create intelligent applications that ensure a whole new level of user experience.

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