Auxiom provides network security consulting and auditing services for companies in the Southfield, MI area.  Our network security consultants will work with you to identify vulnerabilities, and ensure all the necessary security protocols are in place to keep your business safe.

Network Auditing

Our network auditing services provide a view into your entire IT and network systems to expose the actual strength and weaknesses of your current infrastructure.

Critical weak points in your IT infrastructure that may be vectors for disruption or cyberattacks are identified; with our careful examination of your IT security measures, we would know whether your IT conforms with the applicable standards, policies, and other applicable compliance laws.

Our network audit serves as a basis for making a well-informed decision to mitigate risks and avoid outside threats.


Security Design and Implementation

Auxiom understands how a powerful IT system works to simplify business processes while having multiple layers of security for different types of workloads.

Auxiom’s IT experts are ready to recommend a long-term, comprehensive, customized security program that meets the current and future needs while ensuring application performance across the network.

Based on our network audit findings, we can make a strategic security plan that takes into consideration your current needs, future application roadmap, and long term business objectives.

What makes Auxiom’s process unique?

AuxiomAny comprehensive IT Security program always presents a delicate balance between utility and protection since too much focus on one inevitably comes at the expense of the other. Auxiom understands that each client is special and the most effective solution is one that best reflects a company’s particular security needs as well as their organizational constraints.

Safeguarding your business systems and information is a requirement in today’s high-tech environment. Speak with our IT experts to learn more about our network security services.

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