COVID-19-IT Working from Home –March 17, 2020

The worst thing any of us can do as business leaders is to panic and lose track of our priorities because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m doing everything I can to (1) make sure we keep our company as healthy and sane during all of this uncertainty and (2) make sure we help all of the other companies we can to keep them healthy – by keeping their people productive!

As business leaders, we all need to keep our teams safe and healthy and do our part to limit and slow the spread of the disease through our community.  Many of us that have the ability have done this by closing office spaces and offering employees to work from home. Some industries are mandated to do so.

Maintaining productivity so that your organization and the larger economy will survive this emergency is essential.  Unfortunately, most companies were not prepared to quickly pivot from a workforce that was primarily in the office to a team that is working from home.

Technology can help us to overcome the challenges as the business world moves to a work-from-home or remote worker structure.

Here’s what you need to effectively work remotely:


     – Laptops and Laptop Rentals
     – PC and PC Rentals
     – Monitors
     – Webcams (if not already built into the Laptop)

It is essential in a work-from-home setup that everyone on your team has access to a computer. Many companies have found themselves without Laptop Computers and are filling equipment gaps with rental computers.

Collaboration Tools:

     – Office 365 Suite
     – Google G-Suite
     – Microsoft Teams
     – Google Hangouts
     – Zoom
     – OneDrive
     – Dropbox
     – Slack
     – Asana

When everyone is in the same space, collaboration is easy. With everyone working remotely, there are tools to help make the virtual office feel like your team is together. These tools can streamline communication and keep productivity high. The main issues with these tools are that many companies have not utilized them very regularly and therefore, many workers are not trained in using them.

Connectivity and Security:

     – VPN (Virtual Private Network)
     – Remote Desktop / Logging into the office computer
     – Firewalls
     – Remote support for at-home employees
     – Internet speed/connection upgrades and support

All the computers and software in the world won’t help if employees can’t connect to the company’s data and to each other. And, this must be done securely.  The hackers are not taking a break just because of COVID-19…in fact, they are counting on your guard to be down right now.

How Auxiom Can Help You

Auxiom’s team is trained in all of these technologies and ready to help. If you need any of these tools or are using them in an unfamiliar way, don’t worry! We can remotely install, set up, and troubleshoot almost everything you could need to make this transition. 

Our security team is here to make sure that your people are connected in the most efficient and secure ways possible.

Auxiom has Laptops and PCs available for rent.  All of our Laptop Rental Units have cameras for video conferencing and can be configured to work safely with your network. Supplies are limited.

Reach out to us today with any questions or if you need our help.


Matt Loria, CEO

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