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Flat Fee Managed IT Service

Technology & Security requirements are changing at an accelerated pace. Technical advances have increased productivity and collaboration but keeping up with the evolving security landscape can be both challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, as a business grows, its IT requirements will surely change. Having a managed services provider (MSP) to shoulder some of the responsibility can help reduce and control costs, increase efficiency and competitiveness, and provide up to date compliance in the security arena.  Auxiom offers a wide range of benefits to organizations of all sizes.

Below is one of the most common scenarios in the IT world relating to service & support.  Break Fix IT is essentially a company that fixes your IT concerns as they break, hence the term “break fix”. 

Managed Service Provider VS Break Fix IT (Time & Material)

Managed Service Provider Break Fix IT (Time & Material)
Fixed Monthly Fee
Unlimited phone calls
No max hours on repairing breakdowns (if any)
IT Service has no incentive to make your network stable.
Reduced downtime results in better productivity for both client and service provider. Every IT problem is money in their pocket.  The slower it is resolved the more money they make.
Service provider ensures pro-active maintenance and would also benefit from investing in the latest technology IT provider does not make investment in the latest tools.
Service provider works harder to ensure that client’s network remains stable always with proactive monitoring. Increased chance of downtime with no monitoring
MOST IMPORTANTLY Service provider has the best interests of your small business in mind always. Usually “best effort” service with no guarantees.

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