The Golden Rules of IT

Businesses rely on their IT network to be up and operational at all times.   Unfortunately, many business professionals are not aware of how vulnerable they are to cyberattacks, crashes, or data loss.  We are here to educate. We believe that there are three simple Golden Rules of Business IT that all business leaders should know and follow:

Rule 1: Understand your weaknesses

There are only two words in IT that the business professional must know…Business Continuity. 

Business Continuity means that everything on your network, that you need to conduct your business, is working correctly when you need it to. If your network goes down, how long will it take to get it back up and running? How long can you afford to wait? Every organization’s needs are different, and the only limit on quality and stability is the investment that you’re willing to make. As a business leader, you should know what protections you need, what protections you can afford, and what protections you can afford to leave behind.

Rule 2: Stay out of debt

We’ve learned of a term called “Technology Debt.”  

In the rapidly-advancing field of information technology, many businesses struggle to keep up.  Upgrading your infrastructure can feel like an impossibly complicated task. Some business leaders become overwhelmed and put the project off, while others lose sight of their needs and invest in the newest gizmo while neglecting the basic equipment their business actually needs. Work your way up from the basics. Maybe the company shouldn’t spend money on a 10-gigabit fiber internet connection before it has invested in a proper next generation firewall. Instead, identify what your business needs to function effectively and efficiently, and make sure you have up-to-date defenses against the most common attacks and network failures. Don’t fall dangerously behind or spring for luxuries you can’t make good use of.

Rule 3: Hold yourself accountable

There is no electrical code or building inspector for IT.

For some businesses, there is an outside entity that holds them to pre-established IT security compliance standards. Companies in certain industries such as defense or healthcare are regulated by government agencies and held to NIST or HIPAA standards. These companies are fortunate to have someone holding them accountable. However, for many business leaders there is no third-party insisting they do what is right for their company’s cyber security. In that case, it is up to the business leader to find a set of standards that both meets their needs and provides a way to hold themselves accountable to those standards. There’s no rule that says that you can’t eat fast food every day, but no responsible adult would let themselves do that. No responsible company lets themself get complacent on security standards.

We at Auxiom understand that staying up on these rules can be a daunting task for business professionals. Because there’s no officially regulated code like there is for construction or electrical work, we took it upon ourselves to create our own – The Auxiom Gold Standards. We took the top standards and practices that we hold ourselves to and compiled them into a list that any business leader can use. 

The Auxiom Gold Standards will help you identify your weaknesses and decide what IT investments are critical to your operations and business continuity.

Download The Auxiom Gold Standards