About Us

Auxiom is the serendipitous collaboration of 2 people from both sides of the IT service world. Dan Mayer started his career with the simple objective of supplying IT service to his clients in the best manner possible. Matt Loria represented the client end of this scenario having come from the business world of hiring and firing IT companies to support his business needs.  One day after firing his 3rd IT company, Matt came to the resolution that there must be a better way! A fortuitous phone call between Matt and Dan brought them to the realization that teaming up to form a company where the customer would be treated as they would want to be treated is the path they should be on.  The name “Auxiom” truly symbolizes that path.  “Au” being the symbol for Gold on the periodic table, and “axiom” the definition of rule when combined make the Golden Rule or Auxiom.

The Gold Standard

The Golden Rule is part of what we do every day, and is encapsulated in our name. AU the chemical symbol for gold, and Axiom is defined as a self-evident truth that requires no proof, or universally accepted rule, thus the Golden Rule. At Auxiom, our passion is caring enough to be the difference – for our clients, our staff, our community, and our company.

Core Values

Best Decision Wins

It doesn’t matter WHO is right, it matters WHAT is right!! We check our egos at the door and support the best decision.


Results & Personal Responsibility

“Excuses Be Gone” … because results are more powerful than excuses.  We are empowered to recognize, address, and solve issues through individual initiative.


Do Unto Others

Live by the Gold Rule.  We strive to treat others how we want to be treated and to do the right thing at all times for our clients, our community and our company.


Create More Fans

Consistently make a positive and memorable impact.  We are passionate about doing our job so well that our clients are eager to recommend our services to others.


No Smoke, No Mirrors, No Rose-Colored Glasses

Bad news does not get better with age.  We communicate in a clear, timely and open manner at all times to all parties.

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