The Golden Rule is part of what we do every day, and is encapsulated in our name. AU the chemical symbol for gold, and Axiom is defined as a self-evident truth that requires no proof, or universally accepted rule, thus the Golden Rule. At Auxiom, our passion is caring enough to be the difference – for our clients, our staff, our community, and our company.

Auxiom follows a simple set of core values that showcase our Golden Rule:

1. Results & Personal Responsibility – “Excuses Be Gone – Results are more powerful than excuses”. Everyone is empowered to recognize, address, and solve issues through individual initiative.

2. Do Unto Others – We strive to do the right thing at all times for our clients, our community, and our company with integrity. We practice this by asking ourselves “How do we like to be treated?”.

3. Create More Fans – From Every Referral, a Client. From Every Client, a Referral.

4. Best Decisions Win – It doesn’t matter WHO is right, it matters WHAT is right!

5. No Smoke, No Mirrors, No Rose Colored Glasses – We know that complete, open, and honest conversation is the essential to strong and trusting relationships. We communicate in a clear, timely, and professional manner at all times to all parties.

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