What “IT Security” Means to Auxiom?


The people in your organization who are supposed to be accessing sensitive data and/or systems get to do so while those who are not, cannot. 


Unauthorized users should be completely unable modify sensitive data and/or systems while all activity by authorized users is thoroughly tracked and documented. 


Regardless of the number and strictness of security safeguards, authorized users should still be able to access the data whenever and wherever they need it. If something is so secure that no one can reasonably access it (i.e. the process to do so is so impractical that it deters use or access), then the benefits of implementing security in the first places are negated. 

What makes Auxiom’s process unique?

Any comprehensive IT Security program always represents a delicate balance between utility and protection since too much focus on one inevitably comes at the expense of the other. Auxiom understands that each client is special and the most effective solution is one that best reflects a company’s particular security needs as well as their organizational constraints.

What IT Security Solutions does Auxiom Offer? 

Security Assessments

Auxiom’s engineers and cybersecurity experts examine your IT environment from top to bottom to assess the current state of your systems. Critical weak points in your IT infrastructure that may be vectors for disruption or cyber-attacks are identified and remediated using industry best practices/standards and brought into compliance with any required IT security frameworks.  

Risk Assessments/Vulnerability Scanning

Auxiom undertakes deep dive into your business as a whole to learn your specific needs, objectives, and priorities to further identify and anticipate potential future threats that are unique to you while helping design a long-term customized security program plan for any IT security considerations going forward.

Mobile Device Management

If your employees use mobile devices (either personal or company-provided) for work purposes then those devices need to be just as secure as any other part of your IT infrastructure. With Auxiom ensuring that all mobile devices

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