Work From Home Threat Assessment

You sent everyone to work from home. Is your business secure?

Whether the government has shut down your company’s facilities or you are an essential business, more and more people are working from home than ever before.

Cyber-criminals are licking their chops because they know that remote workers offer a treasure trove of ways to steal your corporate and personal data!

Recent Google Data Reveals 350% Surge In Phishing Websites During Coronavirus Pandemic.  – Forbes

With these new threats, there are new steps you must take to protect your business. Make sure your employees are working from secured networks and using the most secure collaboration tools with airtight security best practices. Don’t let your remote workers become an unwitting security threat.

Your remote workforce may be putting your business at risk. Auxiom’s Work From Home Threat Assessment will expose the vulnerabilities in your current IT environment.

Our Work From Home Threat Assessment Analyzes All Aspects of Your IT Environment Including:

  • How your people are connecting while working remotely

    Remote Connectivity Solutions (i.e. VPN, Remote Desktop, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn), Personal / Corporate Devices

  • The Tools They Use To Work

    Collaboration Tools (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack), Communication Tools (Email, VoIP, Soft Phones), Office Productivity Tools (Office 365, Gsuite), Storage Tools (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint), Other Tools

  • Security Measures In Place

    Anti-Virus, Endpoint Protection and Controls, Access Management, Email Security, Network Security

  • Your People

    The greatest threat of all! Is your staff properly trained? (Simulated Phishing Attacks, Etc.)

Pricing Starts at Only $649

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