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Did you know phishing websites have increased 350% during the Coronavirus pandemic? If your staff is working from home you are at a greater risk. Click here to learn more about our Work From Home Threat Assessment.

Michigan’s Top Business IT Solutions Company


No Tech Bottleneck

Don’t let IT slow down your business. Auxiom was founded by business owners frustrated with typical IT companies. We understand technology should accelerate your business, not get in the way!

Proactive by Design

Fixing IT problems is great. But what about preventing them? Could your business survive a major disruption? We approach all IT projects with the philosophy that it is better to do things right the first time and mitigate any risk of failure!

Enterprise Level

Auxiom’s team is comprised of highly experienced IT professionals from all facets of business. Because of this we are able to bring enterprise-level IT support and solutions to small-medium sized businesses.

“Their expertise has been invaluable to us in the context of protecting our data.”

-Paul Glantz, Emagine Theaters

“We love their support, and their fast turn around. They’ve become our total IT department!”

-Mike Gauthier, SaveOn Everything


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