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1 out of 4 law firms are victims of a security incident.
We can help you with cybersecurity.

Law firms are big targets for cyberattacks. In fact, 1 out of 4 law firms have been the victim of an incident, according to the American Bar Association. Clients are trusting you with their most sensitive information, so don’t let a single missed detail open the door to hackers. Auxiom can help rigorously protect your systems, data and reputation.

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Be as prepared for cyber incidents as you are for your cases.

Law firms are targets for hackers because they see an opportunity to quickly gather large amounts of valuable and quality documents. By targeting law firms, they can quickly access large amounts of information such as technical secrets, business strategies, and financial data for numerous clients all at once. Law firms provide a quick detour around info of little value.

Many law firms don’t appreciate how big a target they actually are. Worse, in many cases firms don’t even realize they have been hacked or compromised until it is too late. While it’s technically possible to recover from a breach, the damage to your reputation is harder to undo.

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Security Assessments & Consulting

When it comes to cybersecurity, you need to be prepared against threats everywhere and anywhere. Our experts can help make sure your firm is protected. Our assessment detects critical weak points in your IT infrastructure that are leaving you open to attacks or disruptions and then we create a plan tailored specifically to your security needs.


Fully Managed IT

Technology should accelerate your business, not slow it down, which is why Auxiom operates with the philosophy that it’s better to do things right the first time.

Our full suite of Managed IT solutions is designed to help you navigate every aspect of IT, from planning to design, to implementing new technologies, so you can rest assured your IT will enhance your business, not hurt it.

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Protecting you from the known and unknown.

The 6 most common cybersecurity threats against law firms are: phishing scams, hacked email accounts, ransomware, data breach, increased standards by clients, and malpractice allegations. Taking precautions against data leaks or breaches are more important than ever, as class-action lawsuits and individual disputes have occurred when disgruntled clients feel like their data wasn’t treated securely.


Co-Managed IT

As your firms’ technology needs grow, the resources you have available to support an increasingly complex IT environment may not. Co-Managed IT Services allow you to outsource all or some of your IT operations. Depending on your needs, Auxiom can assume the ongoing monitoring, management, support, and issue resolution for your IT systems, giving you back critical internal resources.

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Litigation Support, Expert Witness and Testimony

If you are an attorney preparing for a trial or undergoing an investigation, we have certified software experts that can provide expert witness testimony as well as provide reporting or background information as needed for lawsuits. We have experience in providing these services to a wide range of law firms and can also help implement best practices to ensure your data and trade secrets are protected.

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Incident Reporting

Led by a dedicated and experienced Incident Response Client Advisor, Auxiom can provide expert support and triage in the event of a suspected cyberattack.
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Projects and Products

Our experienced team can support firms as they implement and integrate law software platforms. We can also help upgrade your existing systems as well as support hardware and software transitions or upgrades.

Other security services

Vulnerability Management

Security Strategy


Security Awareness and Education

Fractional CISO Services


Earl Duby

Chief Information Security Officer

Earl Duby is a proven cyber security leader with over 25 years of experience leading security teams in multiple industries, ranging from large financial services companies to Fortune 150 manufacturers. Recently, Earl spent 6½ years as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Lear Corporation in Southfield, Michigan. Before that, he was Vice President of Security Architecture for Synchrony Financial as it spun off from General Electric. Earl has held several other security leadership roles and has earned Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), SABSA Certified Foundation and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certifications.

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