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With cloud computing, you no longer have to store your data at your physical location. Data can now be processed on highly available and secure servers that you can own or rent for on-demand accessibility. 

Cloud services from Auxiom can bring you into the 21st century with cloud-hosted solutions which will help you start up and operate more efficiently, provide greater manageability and increase the responsiveness of your data while improving business continuity.

Efficient. Secure. Simple.

Discover how cloud services can level up your business.


Our scalable cloud servers eliminate the need to pay for costly IT hardware and their maintenance and licensing costs. You can increase or decrease your level of service at a moment’s notice so you’re only paying for what you need, when you need it.


Running off the cloud and accessed locally via our web browser or an API, cloud apps eliminate the need to worry about software installations, version updates or hard drive space. Everything is stored, accessed, and managed remotely.


Copies of your data assets are stored remotely to protect you from data loss and/or corruption, without the cost and hassle of traditional backup strategies that rely solely on physical hardware and recovery sites.


Choose from several cloud-based VoIP phone systems that will allow you to quickly and easily manage users and devices from practically anywhere, making work from home situations much easier and more secure.


House your servers in our state-of-the-art data center that gives you the security and infrastructure you can trust to reliably and efficiently run your data and web applications.


Not ready to fully move to the cloud? No problem. Our hybrid cloud services allow you to blend on-site resources with the cloud, improving your security and performance.

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