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Incident Reponse

Cyber attacks and other urgent “cyber incidents” can be extremely chaotic and disruptive events.  As a stand alone service, you can hire Auxiom as your reactive incident response partner in your company’s hour of need.  We bring control, stability, and organization to the most urgent situations.

Our experts assess, document, and respond to your cyber incident so that your network and business can minimize damage and recover quickly.

Many victims of such events choose to ultimately add our proactive Managed IT Services that include essential security measures to help avoid future incidents.

Detection & Analysis

24/7 Incident Response & a dedicated Incident Response Coordinator

Containment & Eradication

We work with trusted security partners on immediate incident containment measures

Post-Incident Recovery

We focus on the root issue that caused your security breach in the first place in order to mitigate future events.


Auxiom is your trusted Incident Response Team

Auxiom understands that cybersecurity incident response services are not one-size-fits-all; so we have multiple options and will work with you to create a solution that meets your needs. 

When an incident arises and you need immediate response, Auxiom is here to provide expert response, support, and triage in the event of a suspected cyberattack. You will be assigned an experienced Incident Response Client Advisor to coordinate within our team, and between your team and ours, to ensure that your incident is properly handled.

Incident Response



Incident Response doesn’t end when a cybersecurity incident is over.

Our technology and cybersecurity experts are ready to integrate managed security solutions to harden your systems and mitigate future breaches.

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