Manufacturing & Distribution IT

If managing your IT infrastructure is keeping you from focusing on your business goals, then you should consider managed IT services. 

Technology is a key enabler for both manufacturing and distribution businesses to thrive. It’s almost impossible to run your business without specialized systems, and any interruptions to these systems creates downtime, which can lead to lost productivity and list revenue.


Auxiom's IT Services accelerates your business by aligning technology with your specific needs.

Located in the heart of the automotive and manufacturing capital of the world, we have provided our exceptional IT services many Manufacturing and Distribution businesses. Using the knowledge and expertise we have gained along the way, we make sure you have the technology solutions that fit your business, optimize your processes, and reduce any risks of downtime that could severely impact your bottom line.


Technology should propel your business forward, not act as a roadblock. Our Managed IT Services allow you to focus on your core business and make your IT investments work for you, not against you.


Our experienced IT experts assist you in streamlining your operations and removing bottlenecks, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while providing peace of mind.


Bring your current IT systems up-to-speed, make sure your sensitive business and financial data is protected. We will help you with the accessibility and security you need to ensure business continuity.


In today’s world, you must be proactive when it comes to  security. Auxiom provides monitoring and maintenance of your critical IT infrastructure, giving you peace of mind that your critical data, applications, and systems are safe.


We offer solutions for telephony, internet, cable, fiber, and more – right along with our IT solutions. So you don’t have to look for multiple vendors making life even easier for you!


Manufacturing & Distribution IT

We make sure you have technology solutions to specifically fit your business, optimize your processes, and eliminate any risks of downtime that could severely impact your bottom line.

Technology solutions from Auxiom will remove the negativity typically associated with IT. We offer Fully Managed IT, flexible packages, hassle-free support, and experts that understand the specific tools, platforms, and compliance issues your business has. Auxiom can help you eliminate downtime, streamline processes, proactively monitor your systems, and keep your data secure.

Distribution and Manufacturing IT specific systems and applications we interact with:


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Our technology solutions will take the headache out of your IT.

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About Auxiom

Auxiom is The Gold Standard in Business IT. Led by IT industry veterans who are passionate about providing people-focused IT Solutions, Auxiom offers Managed IT Services, IT outsourcing, IT consulting, cloud computing, business continuity and disaster recovery services, hosted applications, and other advanced business technology solutions.

Our world-class IT services and solutions help growth-oriented small and mid-sized businesses throughout Michigan remove their IT roadblocks and security concerns through collaboration, proactive planning, and concierge-level customer service.

Auxiom offers you a team of IT experts with experience providing Retail IT SolutionsManufacturing IT Solutions, Government and Education IT Solutions, Healthcare IT Solutions, and more! Whatever your industry or IT need, Auxiom is here for you!

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What our customers say

I’m a small business owner, so I wear all the hats in my company. Auxiom talks to me like a business owner instead of an IT person. They ask me what’s important to me and my business and help me decide what should be important from an IT standpoint.
Tom M.
The biggest overall change with Auxiom onboard is the maintenance of our network is now more proactive than reactive. Before we weren't ever sure what our IT company was doing and we played that game for so long it seemed normal, now it's like a breath of fresh air and I can relax a little bit if I need to go out of town or focus on other things.
Sean B.
Health & Wellness