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No matter what IT related challenges your business or organization faces, Auxiom can help you navigate the complex process of solving them.

Information technology solutions for business are technically complex and usually surrounded by obscure and confusing terminology. All of these factors can make the world of business information technology difficult to understand and navigate for busy business professionals who just don’t have the time, energy, or resources to become subject matter experts in a field that is evolving rapidly.   Business professionals are focused on providing their goods and services to their clients. They need competent IT professionals to keep the lights on and the cash registers running. Solid IT planning, design, and support allow the business professional to go to sleep every night knowing their computer systems and customer data is safe and secure!

Auxiom distills the complex into the easily digestible because we know that your time is valuable and better spent on the things that make your business unique and successful. IT is a necessity for any business operation regardless of size or complexity, but that doesn’t mean it should consume all your time and focus. Regardless of your IT needs, Auxiom walks you through the entire process step by step regarding project scope, budgets, timeframes, etc.

Just like a good doctor who would never prescribe without first diagnosing, Auxiom’s IT Consulting Services begin with an assessment of the current technology and business before making any recommendations.  We listen to your concerns and your goals. From there we analyze which technologies will best help you achieve your desired results and design you a solution to fit your needs and budgets.


IT Change Management

Making a change? Adding software? Moving from an Insourced IT department to an Outsourced IT service? If you run a business, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself needing to make adjustments within your IT environment. This could be a simple as adding a new color printer to your office space or as comprehensive and overhauling your entire IT network architecture. Changes to the IT environment can be driven by a multitude of factors:

Efficiency – How quickly/easily/inexpensively can we do X?

Flexibility – If X happens, can we still accomplish Y?

Security – Holy smokes! We’re totally vulnerable to X, Y, and Z! How do we protect ourselves?!

Changes to the IT environment can also be both proactive and reactive in nature:

Reactive – What do we need to fix and/or implement going forward so this problem/disaster doesn’t happen again?

Proactive – Let’s fix and/or implement the following necessary things before we have a major problem or disaster!

Changes are impactful.  When making them, so many considerations must be made in order for the execution of the change to be as close to flawless as possible.

Auxiom can review all of the interdependencies that are affected by a pending change before the beginning of a project or transformation event.


Technology Communication Challenges

Typically, when it comes to making necessary IT changes, a technical person from within the company (IT liaison, IT department head, or perhaps even the company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO)) will come to a non-technical decision maker within the company (such as the CFO or CEO) with a request such as “We need to install system or solution XYZ and it will cost the company 123 dollars.  Can we spend this money?”

The non-technical executives, such as the CFO or CEO, have to consider multiple other competing factors that affect the overall health and strategic direction of the business, often pause at the suggestion or struggle to truly understand and appreciate the perspective of his/her IT people and often the urgency of their request.  Any resistance on the part of the non-technical executive is often further exacerbated by the fact that most CFOs and CEOs are (1) not information technology subject matter experts and (2) are focused on outcomes and results versus focused on the nuances of what his IT personnel are trying to explain to him/her.

Conversely, the technical person is highly focused on ensuring that the business IT functions that fall under his/her purview are working properly and are always reliably secure. He/she (as part of their job) does not usually have to consider the other organizational considerations that the CEO may be used to weighing against each other. The focus of the IT staff should be on IT! Furthermore, in a situation much like the inverse of that of the CEO, the IT staff/CIO are usually very technically adept and have expert level understanding of information technology concepts and products. The problem with this however is that it often makes it hard for them to simplify or explain things to the CEO in terms of business outcomes that “non-IT” individuals best understand and can subsequently use to make informed decisions. 

All too often this dynamic results in IT personnel and management personnel talking past each other rather than sharing the necessary information needed to guide the business in the proper direction and maintain operational capabilities. This often stalls much needed advancements in a company’s technology.


Bridging the Communication Gap with Auxiom IT Consulting Services

With experts in both Management Consulting and Technology Consulting, Auxiom specializes in seeing the issue from both sides.  We are uniquely positioned to help business clients filter out the “noise” and translate what technology decisions mean into terms that every stakeholder in the organization can easily appreciate and understand. In other words, we assess your situation from top to bottom and paint you a clear picture of not just “what, where, when, and who,” but perhaps most importantly, the “why” behind it all and the business outcomes.

At the end of an Auxiom IT consulting engagement, we leave you with valuable information you can act on whether you ultimately choose to use us or not for further IT upgrades or services. Our goal is making sure your company is in its best position to succeed going forward regardless of what form that position takes.

Questions? Please discuss with you Auxiom Representative or Auxiom Client relationship Manager for more information.

“With a phone call they were right there, and had us up and running on our busiest day of year.”

-Matt Wenner, Lucido Fine Jewelry

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