For the Everyday Technology User

Whether for business or personal use, we are all using our computers to communicate, congregate and play in new ways.  Being on the internet and using apps and websites do put us all at a risk for hackers to steal our data. In fact, Recent Google Data Reveals 350% Surge In Phishing Websites During Coronavirus Pandemic. (per Forbes)

On WDIV Channel 4’s Help Me Hank, Auxiom CEO, Matt Loria discussed safer ways to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Online Games, or Grocery Shopping, and otherwise be on the internet.  Here’s the list to keep your data safer!


Stay Current

We recommend keeping your operating system up to date so that you have the most recent security features from the manufacturer.

Here’s how to check your device’s OS:


Social Distancing Works

We recommend “Social Distancing” for your computer – put a gap between you and the hacker.  The best way is to have a business grade firewall; however, for some that is just not possible. Here’s what you can use to distance yourself from the bad guys:

Use multi-factor authentication like: Duo Security

Get a checkup: Google Security Checkup


Wear a Mask

Just like the CDC recommends wearing a mask when out in public, we recommend using a business grade Antivirus software.  Our favorite for the consumer is Webroot. And remember there’s a difference between a mask and a respirator. The computer equivalent to the respirator is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  For that you usually need a business grade firewall.


Be Proactive, Be Smart

Have a backup system…so if Zoom is your primary, have another one in case they get hit…while they fix, use something else:

Be certain about the link in the “invitation” you received for a web conference/call…that it is valid and not a phishing attack.  When in doubt, reach out…call the person on the phone to confirm the link is legitimate.

Keep Apps Up to Date (Zoom has updated their security features just recently)

For Business Technology Users

Whether the government has shut down your company’s facilities or you are an essential business, more and more people are working from home than ever before.

Cyber-criminals are licking their chops because they know that remote workers offer a treasure trove of ways to steal your corporate and personal data!

With these new threats, there are new steps you must take to protect your business. Make sure your employees are working from secured networks and using the most secure collaboration tools with airtight security best practices. Don’t let your remote workers become an unwitting security threat.

Your remote workforce may be putting your business at risk. Auxiom’s Work From Home Threat Assessment will expose the vulnerabilities in your current IT environment.

Click here to learn more about how you can keep your business safe and our Work From Home Threat Assessment