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LinkedIn Data Breach

Auxiom’s CEO Matt Loria was a guest on WJR NewsTalk 760 on Friday, July 2, 2021, to talk about the recent LinkedIn data breach. In case you haven’t heard about it you can read more here or directly from LinkedIn here.

Matt recently had his own scare with a potential identity theft situation when someone opened a credit account using only his social security number. Fortunately, he uses a tool that monitors the use of his personal data.

You can listen to Matt’s interview with WJR NewsTalk 760 here:

Matt Loria on WJR NewsTalk 760 July 2, 2021 by WJR NewsTalk 760
  • Matt Loria on WJR NewsTalk 760 July 2, 2021

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You can listen to other WJR NewsTalk interviews here and here.

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