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Why Law Firms need Managed IT Services

If you own or manage a Law Firm and you haven’t considered outsourcing IT to a Managed Services Provider, you’re putting yourself, YOUr clients, AND your firm at risk.

Without proper IT systems in place, you are putting your firm at risk for loss of productivity due to downtime, cybersecurity issues, or possible data breaches. Most Law Firms aren’t large enough for a full-service in-house IT team, making Managed IT the perfect option. For Law Firms, Managed IT offers many benefits for law firms that need reliable and proactive IT support.

Managed IT gives your Law Firm the following benefits:

Cost Savings & Cost Control

If your Law Firm tried to hire staff to properly cover all your IT needs, you would need to hire at least one full-time person, probably more. You need someone who is an expert in network architecture, software and hardware, security, database management, end user support and more! Many IT professionals don’t have knowledge in all of those areas, which means you will need to rely on more than one person, or handle some of the tasks yourself. With Managed Services, you aren’t paying for in-house IT staff, but you are getting an entire team of IT experts. Managed Services also use a flat monthly “all-inclusive” fee structure so you get a predictable monthly cost without having to worry about large capital expenses.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Server breakdowns, slow internet, and other IT issues happen in every organization. Unfortunately, these types of problems may severely impact your ability to work and generate revenue. A Managed Solution can minimize these types of problems leading to an increase in overall business productivity.

Security of Sensitive Client Data

You get the best cybersecurity technologies and practices. By using Remote Monitoring and Management, a Managed Service Provider will monitor the security of your systems and confidential client information. Since you are dealing with large amounts of sensitive client information, you must be compliant with the government regulations for data security, a Managed Services Provider will help ensure compliance.

Hassle-Free & Responsive Support

You get fast, reliable, 24×7 support, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure and end-user devices. Support when you need it. Without the headache of having to plan IT coverage for vacations, sick days, etc. You will have a live person supporting you through any IT issues and to help guide you with your IT needs and goals. Our IT experts even know your line-of-business applications which are critical to the ongoing success of your legal practice.

Comply with Regulations

Since law firms are dealing with large amounts of sensitive client information, they must comply with regulations for data security. Managed IT Services will help your law firm to achieve compliance with continually changing government regulations.

Enhanced Accessibility

Legal business has changed and you are always on the go. When you need access to sensitive information and documents anywhere, anytime, you need your IT systems to work properly and securely. With Managed IT Services, you can safely use cloud services to access information on-demand from your preferred device.

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Questions about Managed IT for Legal? Want to learn more?

Auxiom is a Managed Services Provider with significant experience providing IT infrastructure, cloud hosting, security, compliance and support services to legal clients.

Auxiom is The Gold Standard in Business IT. Led by IT industry veterans with a passion for providing people-focused IT Solutions. Auxiom is a world-class provider of Managed Services, IT outsourcing, IT consulting, cloud computing, hosted applications, and other advanced business technology solutions. We help clients remove IT issues and security concerns with solutions, services, proactive planning, and budgeting.


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