At Auxiom We Design Rock Solid Networks. Period.

Without network architecture that is properly designed, configured, and installed, your business cannot operate at its highest level. Unlike other IT service providers, Auxiom is unique in that we have an extensive track record of designing and implementing network solutions for large organizations such as schools districts, local government municipalities, and larger-sized corporate clients. This wealth of experience and technical insight allows us to bring enterprise-level discipline, performance, and sophistication to small and medium sized businesses.

Whether you are a fully managed, co-managed, or non-managed IT client, Auxiom can design and implement a tailor-made network architecture plan to ensure your business  is reaching its full potential.

What Network Architecture Solutions Does Auxiom Offer?






LAN/WAN Design and installation services 

Fiber, Voice Network Installation Services 

Site surveys and assessments

computer room design/builds

Cable management and IT closet cleanup 

Complete IP video security installation and design

Feasibility studies

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