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WIFI-Coverage Vs Capacity

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Discover the key to seamless connectivity with Auxiom’s Director of Professional Services, Matt Opificius, as he explains the critical difference between network coverage and capacity in high-traffic areas. Learn how proper planning and infrastructure can transform your network experience from frustrating to flawless. 


(0:01) I’m Matt Opificius, and I am the Director of Professional Services here at Auxiom.  

(0:10) Let’s talk about coverage versus capacity for a minute.  

(0:13) So have you ever walked into a large, maybe event center, and you see that you have a solid connectivity, or it appears you have a good signal on your device, your phone, but your experience on the network isn’t great. 

(0:26) Maybe you’re not able to load your web pages or your Facebook profile or something.  

(0:32) So oftentimes that isn’t a coverage issue, but it’s a network capacity issue.  

(0:38) An example that I can give is a network that we designed for a large banquet center that was going to house hundreds of people. 

(0:46) And, okay, maybe the square footage of the facility wasn’t really that great, and you really probably could have covered it with just a few or a couple of access points.  

(0:57) Really, we need to understand how many people are going to be in this space, what are they going to be doing on their devices, and then order and install the correct number of devices, wireless access points in that facility, as well as the backbone behind that.  

(1:16) So whether it be networks, switches, routers, firewalls, the internet bandwidth coming in. 

(1:19) So holistically looking at this and understanding what does the capacity need to be for the network and making sure that it’s able to meet that.