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Education IT systems are constantly evolving, which we’ve seen recently with many classes moving from in-person to online or a hybrid of the two. It has never been more important to keep up with the advancements in educational software applications and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Auxiom works with some of the most well-known private education organizations in Metro-Detroit. So we understand the unique challenges and goals of education and provide solutions tailored to address them. IT must evolve along with the organization and its changing needs, and  our services can help you make sure your IT is on the right track.


Our extensive experience in the K-12 market and our knowledge of the latest technologies will help you implement technology systems that support your strategic goals.

Having the right partner when choosing IT for public or private educational institutions makes all the difference in ensuring students, parents, faculty, and staff have access to reliable connections and technology while assuring them that their information is protected. Education IT can be complex, and our IT professionals have the experience to help.


Assistance in streamlining your operations and lessening future disruptions by choosing the right technology tools and support.


Bring your current IT set-up up-to-speed and leverage your existing investments to work toward your strategic goals.


We leverage our vast experience in the K-12 market and our knowledge of the latest technologies to ensure that your IT systems work in the way that your teachers, staff, administration, and students require.


We will help you plan for growth, streamline deployment, and help you choose systems that will keep you up to date whether it’s videoconferencing, live streaming classes, or other emerging function.


From project planning to project execution, our IT experts work alongside you to successfully execute any IT project.


Our comprehensive model includes monitoring, management, and maintenance of the critical technologies required to run your school—from devices and infrastructure to security and backups.


We take a holistic view of your entire IT infrastructure to strengthen your security posture, safeguard student data, and protect your school’s reputation.


Auxiom is e-rate certified and has a strong understanding of the program and eligible products.

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