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Have you had an IT audit recently?

Is your data vulnerable?
Is your business secure?

9 out of 10 businesses are vulnerable to serious threats they aren't aware of!

When was the last time you had anyone perform an audit of your current IT and Cybersecurity systems to make sure that everything is running efficiently and securely?

Now is the time to assess your overall against cybersecurity threats and ensure security is one of your strengths.

Cybersecurity Checklist

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Our free IT audit simply takes a 10 minute conversation.

You answer a few questions about your current systems and you will be sent a “report card” that you can use however you wish! Share it with your internal IT team, use it with your current IT provider, or use it to plan future IT strategy, 

Our quick IT audit covers 9 IT and Cybersecurity Best Practices including:

Threat Identification

Asset Protection

Response Planning

About Auxiom

Auxiom is The Gold Standard in Business IT. Led by IT industry veterans who are passionate about providing people-focused IT Solutions, Auxiom offers Managed IT Services, IT outsourcing, IT consulting, cloud computing, business continuity and disaster recovery services, hosted applications, and other advanced business technology solutions.

Our world-class IT services and solutions help growth-oriented small and mid-sized businesses throughout Michigan remove their IT roadblocks and security concerns through collaboration, proactive planning, and concierge-level customer service.

Auxiom offers you a team of IT experts with experience providing Retail IT SolutionsManufacturing IT Solutions, Government and Education IT Solutions, Healthcare IT Solutions, and more! Whatever your industry or IT need, Auxiom is here for you!

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What our customers say

I’m a small business owner, so I wear all the hats in my company. Auxiom talks to me like a business owner instead of an IT person. They ask me what’s important to me and my business and help me decide what should be important from an IT standpoint.
Tom M.
The biggest overall change with Auxiom onboard is the maintenance of our network is now more proactive than reactive. Before we weren't ever sure what our IT company was doing and we played that game for so long it seemed normal, now it's like a breath of fresh air and I can relax a little bit if I need to go out of town or focus on other things.
Sean B.
Health & Wellness