Network Security Monitoring

Are you working with a Fortune 1000 company, doing work for the government, processing transactions with credit cards, or housing your clients’ personal, financial or health information? Using top of the line security systems coupled with our security experts, Auxiom keeps your IT network safe. We will watch over the network and react to the events flagged as dangerous or risky. This is something that many security compliance standards require. It is one thing to know that your equipment is supported and functioning properly. It is another to know if someone is trying to break into your IT network or has already broken in. Not knowing is NOT an excuse.

If network security is paramount for your organization, then having a clear view of the network traffic is necessary. Auxiom can provide real time analysis and monitoring of IT networks to more effectively prevent a cyber breach.

Know Your Assets & Vulnerabilities
Detect Threats & Intrusions Faster
Analyze Security Incidents with SIEM
Stay Vigilant with Continuous Threat Intelligence
24/7 Monitoring by Auxiom Staff
Stop worrying about IT once and for all

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