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Professional Managed Service vs Self Service

When looking at Managed Service vs. Self Service IT,

one of the most common questions we get asked is “Why should we use Managed Services rather than just hiring internal IT personnel?” Many businesses assume their company is either too small or too large to outsource their IT needs. So, why not just hire internal personnel? Many larger companies prefer Managed Services, however, small and medium businesses can also benefit from Managed Service vs Self Service. This is largely due to the increasing complexity of technology, as well as increased dependency on technology for business. There are many benefits associated with outsourcing IT, no matter what kind or size of business you operate.

First, let’s look at just a few of the benefits of Managed Service vs Self Service:

Reduced Overhead

With Managed Services, you are paying one fixed fee for access to an entire team of IT professionals and can keep personnel costs down. The cost of an internal IT professional includes not only salary, taxes, and benefits but also continuous training – which can be expensive and time-consuming. You also have to worry about coverage for your internal IT staff during vacations or sick days.


With Managed Services, you have access to a team of IT professionals with expertise on a wide variety of IT issues – from networking to software, security to communications. It’s very rare to find an IT professional who is a “jack of all trades” and has expertise in all areas of IT and for that reason, Managed Services have become a necessary commodity for many business owners.

Efficiency Gains

When your IT needs are being handled by a Managed Service team, you can focus on building your business while your Managed Service Provider (MSP) focuses on your IT. With Managed Service, you get a stable and secure technical environment, which leads to an overall increase in efficiency and productivity.

Proactive Service means Reduced Cost

By maintaining the health of your IT environment, your overall costs are greatly reduced.

Outsourcing your IT functions to a Managed Service Provider means that you will not only have a fixed fee each month for IT services but you will also be provided with a Managed Services Agreement or Service Level Agreement. Simply put, a Service Level Agreement provides a defined level of service at a specified cost. Any service that falls outside of the defined level is typically provided at a reduced hourly cost. Some providers, like Auxiom, even provide a rebate if the service our customers receive falls outside of their Service Level Agreement.

Managed Service vs Self Service

Managed Service Level Agreements provide many benefits, including:

Cost Predictability

With Managed Services, you can budget your IT expenses through fixed monthly fees that cover hardware and toolset subscriptions, network and device monitoring, proactive maintenance, end-user support, and on-site support as specified in your Service Level Agreement

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When issues are detected and fixed through proactive remote monitoring, you can avoid unnecessary downtime. This eliminates costly service calls, as well as a reduction in hardware failure and data loss.

Alignment of your IT with your Business Goals

Through regular review meetings, a Managed Service Provider will make recommendations for future planning and use of technology to maximize your IT investment to benefit your business and best align with your strategic business goals.

The Bottom Line on Managed Service vs Self Service IT

IT companies don’t fix teeth, manufacture products, or provide legal, financial, or healthcare services, you look to a professional (like your company) to provide those services and products. So, if IT infrastructure is not your core competency, why wouldn’t you trust this to an expert? It’s probably safe to say that your business would benefit from using a professional and reputable information technology firm for Managed Service vs Self Service IT.  This is especially true if you are experiencing growth or plan to expand your business. It may be time to maximize the benefits of Managed Services instead of trying to do it all on your own.

If you are a business owner or manager and would like to learn more about Managed IT Services, check out Auxiom’s Managed Services Solutions now.

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